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Winter Wedding Colors

Winter wedding colors are most recognizable as being some of the most crisp and fresh within the traditional wedding color palettes. In keeping with the seasonal theme popular winter wedding colors are a smooth contrast of cold sharp colors and warm wintery tones… think icicles and mulled wine, and you're somewhere along the right lines!

Often it is a case that couples have an idea as to the theme that they want to have at their winter wedding, but are confused as to what color combinations work, and why. Here is a simple guide to color combination suggestions for your winter themed wedding…

Winter Wedding Colors – Traditional Tones

Popular "cool" winter wedding colors include any frosty tone of cream or white; from ivory to pale coffee cream. Other wintery themed colors include silvery greys, and icicle blues. More traditional and ‘warmer’ winter wedding themed colors include forest greens and warm mulberry or mulled wine reds. The fact is that you can choose exactly which main color, or colors, you would like for your winter themed wedding, and choose a highlight color from there to really pull the entire palette together.

Winter Wedding Colors – General Principles Of Color Selection

Of course there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting colors for your winter themed wedding. The fact is that this is your special day and you should do whatever makes you feel happy. Obviously there are some minor restrictions on this point, merely from a more ‘cosmetic’ point of view... the general guidelines that I would like to lay out for you to think about are basic – does the color suit you? Think about your own particular skin tone and individual hair coloring. What colors suit you on a general day to day basis – what colors do you pick out for work or at home or for going out? What colors do you look good in? What colors do you FEEL good in? This is most likely the best place to start when you are selecting your winter themed wedding color scheme.

Winter Wedding Colors – Color Combination and Accent Colors

So you've selected your main color for your winter themed wedding? Excellent! But now we are faced with the next decision... what other colors should you introduce? Of course there is no reason why you couldn’t just wear one color if that’s what you want – it’s your special day after all! However, as with normal, everyday, day-to-day dressing, it is more usual to put complimentary colours together to create interest and make more of an impact. I would suggest that you also consider some sort of ‘highlight’ colour that is limited in volume but helps serve to accentuate and compliment your chosen main color theme. Here are some examples of popular winter wedding themed colors and color cominations to help get you started....

Ivory # 1

Ivory as your main colour with forest green as a secondary color, and silver as your accent color. This is a cool and sophisticated color combination for your winter themed wedding.

Ivory # 2

Ivory as your main colour with burgundy or mulled wine red as a secondary color, and gold as your accent color. This is a rich, warm color selection for your winter themed wedding.

Forest Green

Forest green as your main color with a thick clotted cream as your secondary color. Consider deep red as your highlight color, carried through by ribbon or rhododendron buds. This is a rich an sumptuous color palette to choose for your winter themed wedding.

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